Newborn Session FAQ’S


What is a newborn session?

A newborn photo session is a gentle, calm, slow session where I position your sleeping baby into gorgeous poses to create adorable images. I will start by getting baby sleepy and happy, maybe wrap them, then use a range of poses to achieve a varied gallery. I will get to know your baby, what they like to do, what they don’t and will ensure they are happy throughout.

When do newborn sessions happen?

Newborns change very fast, so its best to capture those early days as soon as possible. Within the first 2 weeks is best because much after that babies wake more easily, and become less curly.


When should I book in?

It's best to book as soon as you can after your first scan. This ensures your slot when baby arrives. If you leave it until baby arrives I may not have space to fit you in during busy times. I use your due date to book you in, and schedule your session in when baby arrives, no matter if they are early or late.

When do I pay ?

A non-refundable Booking fee of £25 is required, alongside a signed contract, to reserve your date. The Booking fee will be deducted from the total cost of the collection you choose. The remainder of the balance is to be paid in full, seven days prior to the session.

Any additional products are to be paid for at the time of ordering and are non-refundable as they are made to order. 

What does my Booking fee cover?

The Booking fee pays for the reservation of your session time and date and services of the Photographer for the session. It is non-refundable or transferable in the event of cancellation, it being the agreed loss suffered by the Photographer due to cancellation. 


My baby is already born, is it too late to have a session?

That depends on how old baby is when you contact us, and if I have any available last minute slots. I will always try to fit you in, so do get in touch


Why can it take up to 3 hours?

Unlike a more traditional session that might take an hour, we do things very differently. I follow baby's lead and everything is done at their pace. I take time to settle, feed, change, cuddle and soothe. Then when I start the posing it's all done slowly and gently.


Will you be handling my baby?

Yes, throughout the session I will handle your baby. I’ll settle them, pose them and create the images you hope for. If they need you then of course I’ll hand them back, but its best we get to know each other for me to achieve the poses I am known for. All you need to do is sit back and relax.


Is it safe?

Your baby’s safety and comfort is my top priority. I take great care to watch their temperature, circulation and comfort are never compromised. 


My baby has very flaky skin. Is this a problem?  

Newborns often have skin problems i.e. dry skin or spots/blemishes so don’t panic. I am skilled in reducing how much is visible in the images if you’d like me to. However, I find that as it’s a uniquely new baby feature that’s completely normal, it’s nice to leave some to show how new your baby was when the images were taken.


What if my baby cries or doesn’t settle?

Many parents worry ahead of their session that their baby will cry and I won’t be able to get the images they hope for. Rest assured that the session is very calm and relaxed, and that includes the baby. All newborns cry sometimes, and if your baby does we will take our time and make sure baby is happy again with feeding or winding, just as you would at home. If for any reason I feel baby is unhappy with what I am doing, I will stop. No image is more important than their comfort.


What if my baby makes a mess on your things?

I’ll be photographing your baby without a nappy, mess is expected. This is totally normal, and it really isn’t a problem. All items are washed and disinfected before each use.


How do we prepare for the session?

Try not to feed your little one before arrival, otherwise they may fall asleep before the session and it might be hard to settle her down again when we are ready to shoot.

Similarly, please do not dress them in anything that needs to be pulled over their head, otherwise they will wake up when we try to undress them.

Another very important thing to remember is babies’ body temperatures drop very quickly when they are undressed, so we need to make sure they are warm and cozy. A fan heater will be used alongside general heating so it is advisable for you to wear something a bit cooler.

What is the best time of day to have a newborn session?

Generally speaking new babies are awake a lot in the night and sleep well  in the morning. This helps me a lot, as baby needs to be asleep for me to achieve the best images. If we did your session in the afternoon your baby will have slept all morning and is more likely to wake and become unsettled as I work with them.


How many images will I get?

How many I take depends on your baby on the day, but usually I will show you about 30 hand edited images for you to then purchase from.


How long will our order take?

Your preview gallery will be available for viewing within a week. Once you’ve placed your order it will take time to process. Depending on what products you order, delivery times vary due to the difference in supplier times. I quote up to four weeks on average.