Thank you to all our viewers and customers for your support these past few years to September 2014. This marked the last event at which trackside photography at Gurston Down was
done by Simon McBeath of Everley Photography because he will be back in the cockpit competing again from early 2015. Arrangements are underway for the trackside photography to continue in order to fill the void and provide Simon with images for Gurston PR and programme production. When more details are available as to how images can be viewed and purchased from 2015 onwards we will post them here and on the Gurston Down web site.

Thanks again!

Meantime, please browse the images below, and apologies for the delay posting the Sptember 2014 photos.

Please note that minor issues of exposure (slightly dark or light images) and 'off centre' subjects will be corrected prior to printing!

Just click on the meeting links below and enjoy a wade through the galleries.

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Thousands more digital images are available from previous years, going back to 2001, so to help us locate any photos you might want, please email the meeting date, driver name and competition number (if possible) and we will send you proofs of any shots we have for you to look at.


Gurston Down, April 26th 2014April 26

Gurston Down 300th Meeting, April 27th 2014April 27

Gurston Down May 2014May 25

May 30, 2010Gurston June 21st 2014
June 21

June19, 2010Paul Webster, DALLARAGurston June 22nd 2014June 22
June19, 2010Simon Marsh, MALLOCKGurston Down July 20th 2014July 20
June19, 2010Andy Bascombe, 2.0 Ford EscortScott Moran, Gurston DownAugust 24
Martin Robbins, 525cc KTMSimon Purcell, Gurston DownSeptember 7
Andy Fraser, 3.0 Metro 6R4 Roger Moran, GOULD Bob Mortimer, PORSCHE Tony Hunt, FORCE